Bulletin Vol. 10 No. 4 Dec 1973

T H E C H I N E SE U N I V E R S I T Y OF H O NG K O NG THE U N I V E R S I T Y BULLETIN VOLUME TEN DECEMBER 1973 NUMBER FOUR CONTENTS Third Commonwealth Conference of Registrars 1 New University Deans of Faculties .. 2 Members o f Boards of Studies 1973-74 2 University Science Centre Open House 6 Chinese Cultural Festival 6 Personalia 7 Lectures 7 Comings and Goings 8 College News 8 TH I RD COMMONWE A L TH CONFERENCE OF REGISTRARS The Third Commonwealth Conference of Registrars of Universities of the Southeast Asia and Pacific Area was held from 12th to 17th November, 1973 at the two local universities, which were joint hosts of the Conference. It was jointly chaired by Mr. D.M. Dudgeon, Secretary to the Council, University of Hong Kong, and Mr. N.H. Young, Secretary of this University, About 30 delegates and observers from 11 universities of the area and educational bodies in the Commonwealth attended the Conference. The theme of the Conference was the structure of university administration, and topics for discussion included the place of committees in the administrative structure, academic, faculty and departmental administration, appointment procedures, and admission procedures. The closing speech was delivered by Dr. Choh-Ming Li, Vice- Chancellor of the University. “It is precisely an exchange of experiences in these different national solutions of common problems that has made this regional conference especially meaningful and useful.” —Closing Speech by Dr. Choh-Ming Li, Vice-Chancellor First of all I wish to say what a great pleasure and privilege it has been for The Chinese University to have been chosen as one of the venues for the present Conference. Since we are in a vantage position geographically, Hong Kong has enjoyed the influence of visitors from many directions, and this young institution is particularly keen to benefit from the advice and wise counsel of overseas colleagues. I n the past few days, I am sure you have not only exchanged many useful views on your professional undertakings but come to know one another even better by rubbing shoulders. It is particularly gratifying to note the strong atmosphere of fellowship and goodwill which was so evident in the functions I shared with you. This is the third time that Registrars of the Universities of the Southeast Asia and Pacific Area have come together to discuss the problems common to them. It is true that a university administrator does not always realize that the problems he encounters in his university are universal unti l he meets and speaks with his counterparts from other universities. This Conference was very much concerned with the role played by the administrative machinery in the various fields and at different levels of a university. That an effective administrative machinery is part