Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 4 Jan 1973

and now to this new building. Owing to the limited space at those temporary premises, the collection grew only slowly, and the readers were not able to make full use of the facilities which a university library should normally offer. The completion of this new building is therefore warmly welcomed by all. This building, designed by the Hon. W. Szeto , is completely modern in its architectural style. It is designed in harmony with the other buildings surrounding the University Mall. Its location is right at the centre of the campus, equal-distant from the three undergraduate colleges. The total cost of the Library building is approximately HK$5.8 million, o f which a private donation of HK$3 million was contributed by the late Hon. P.Y. Tang. I do not have to remind you of Dr. Tang's contributions in the fields of trade and industry, culture, education and social welfare, for all of us are already well aware of his philanthropy, success and achievements during his life-time. It was his dream that this Library should be involved in the studies of the past, the present and the future and should be one of the most modern academic libraries in the Far East. As the Vice-Chancellor has just told us, Dr. Tang's gift was only made known at the ceremony of the laying of the Foundation Stone of the Library two years ago. Many of us remember only too well that Dr. Tang had served until his death as a member of the Council of this University and as the Chairman of the Board of Governors of New Asia College, one of the Foundation Colleges of the University. His intimate association with this University has helped tremendously in its development. Unfortunately, Dr. Tang did not live to see the completion of the Library building, but I assure Mrs. Tang and Mr. Jack Tang and other members of their family that this University is most grateful for their generous donation. Dr. Tang's death was surely a great loss to Hong Kong and especially to this institution. The Library can provide study accommodation for over 500 readers. It is open to all students and will serve as the pivot of the whole University Library System, which consists of this central University Library and the three College Libraries. The University Library will be the centre for reference and research materials, while the College Libraries will continue to serve mainly undergraduate needs. The importance of the Library to the University is well recognized. No university can properly develop its academic and research programmes without providing a good library that meets the needs of its students and academic staff. The development of the University Library is indispensable to the growth of the University. It is hoped that the present collection will be substantially augmented in the years to come to meet the needs of the expanding University and the Hong Kong community as a whole. In this we need the full support of the Government and general public. The Library's door opens to-day as the University turns a new page of its history. I congratulate all who have contributed t o the completion of this project and extend my best wishes to all the staff and students who will benefit from its services. "He practised what he preached" —Mr. Jack C. Tang's speech - May I , on behalf of my Mother and my family, thank you for the kind and generous words that you have spoken in memory of my Father. It is, as you have said, sad indeed that Father is not with us today to see this beautiful building he envisaged, opened. Nevertheless, my family and I are very proud to be taking part in this ceremony. May I say, too, that it is gratifying to see, amongst the guests present on this occasion, so many good friends of our family: some of many years' standing, with whom my Father worked in a multitude of different spheres. As you say, sir, “P.Y . ” , as he was known, was a man of many parts. An industrialist and businessman, he was not interested in the acquisition of money for money's sake. His true interest had always been with people: hence his preoccupation with social welfare generally, and wit h education in particular. He was a 詞致中禮幕開在士爵强悅士博簡 Dr. the Hon. Sir Yuet-keung Kan speaking at the opening ceremony — 2 —