Bulletin Vol. 9 No. 7 June 1973

matters relating to curriculum, examination schemes and syllabuses, studen t welfare and services (11) Providing effective communication between staff and students for the effective operation of the Board V . Library (12) Setting up a Library Committee composed of at least one Board member from each of the three Colleges, to be chaired by the Chairman or Administrative Chairman of the Board. The Library Committee will: (a) Review all relevant orders and purchases proposed by the College Libraries and the Central Library; (b) Exchange information on College budgets for the purchase of books for undergraduates in the subject field concerned; (c) Examine the collection s in both the University and College Libraries with the purpose of recommending re-assignment and re-allocation of books in the subject concerned; (d) Assist in strengthening the weak sections of College Library collections for undergraduate teaching purposes. V I . Staff Matters/Recruitment (13) Continuous review of the individual workload and performance of the members of the Board (14) Annual review of the staffing requirements of the Board, making sure that the workload of each teaching staff member is in line with the norm generally accepted by the Board of the Faculty concerned (15) Setting up a Selection Committee within the Board of Studies for recruitment of Lecturers and teachers below that rank for the Colleges. As each lectureship appointment is made by a College, the Selection Committe e for each post concerned is to be chaired by the relevant College President or his deputy , and , at the present time, the College concerned services the Committee. (16) Advising the Vice-Chancellor in the recruitment of senior academic staff in the field concerned VII. Other Academic Matters (17) Advising the Vice-Chancellor on academic matters as he may request (18) Advising the Senate on such matters as the Senate may request THE INSTITUTE OF CHINESE STUDIES ACQUIRES ART COLLECTIONS Since its foundation in October 1971, the Art Gallery of the Institute of Chinese Studies has mounted several large-scale loan exhibitions o f academic and popular interest. Its development took a new turn recently through the acquisition of several important art collections. The first of these acquisitions is the Jen Yu-wen Collection of paintings and calligraphy by Kwangtung artists. The collection comprises over thirteen hundred items of paintings and calligraphy by two hundred and fifty-three artists, covering th e period from the late 16th century to the early part of the 20th century. The original owner, Mr. Jen Yu-wen, is a noted historian who is renowned for his mammoth work on the Tai-ping rebellion. This collection has been assembled by him over the past forty years and is the largest single personal collection of Kwangtung paintings and calligraphy. Many famous scholars and poets are among the artists represented in the collection. The Jen Yu-wen Collection has been acquired by the Art Gallery throug h the generosity of a number of local collectors, both Chinese and European, who put up a substantial sum for the purchase of the collection. Members of the Lee family, who donated the building of the Institute of Chinese Studies, also presented the Art Gallery wit h two rare items of antiquities. The first is a collection of nearly three hundred small early bronze seals. Most of them date from the Han period (about 200 B.C . 一 200 A.D.) and before. The second is a rubbing made in the Sung period (11th - 12th century) of one of the most famous inscribed stone steles of the Han period. The original stone is now lost and there are onl y four rubbings of the Sung period which have survived to the present day. In an effort to further increase the collection for the purpose of teaching and research, the University has set up a committee for donations to the Art Gallery. — 2 —