Bulletin Vol. 10 No. 7 Apr–May 1974

T H E C H I N E SE U N I V E R S I T Y OF H O NG K O NG THE U N I V E R S I TY BULLETIN VOLUME TEN APRIL - MAY 1974 NUMBER SEVEN CONTENTS Honour for Vice-Chancellor .. .. 1 The Neutron Generator Installe d at the University Science Centre .. .. 1 Continuing Development of th e Fine Arts Department 4 Pre-Employment Workshop . .. 5 Gifts to the University 5 Personalia 5 Staff Profiles 6 Cultural Events 7 Comings and Goings 8 College News 9 HONOUR FOR V ICE-CHANCELLOR Dr. Choh-Ming Li, Vice-Chancellor, was awarded The Elsie and Walte r A. Haas International Award by his alma mater, the University of California, on 10th April, on the occasion of the University's 106th Anniversary. The Award, first established in 1966, is presented annually to an international alumnus of the Universit y of California who has made an outstanding contribution to his native land. The recipient o f last year's Award was Mr. Zulfiqar A li Bhutto, Prime Minister of the Republic of Pakistan. Citation of Dr. Choh-Ming L i ‘‘With selfless dedication yo u have contributed significantly to your country and to your people, distinguishing yourself as educator and administrator, statesman and scholar. Yo u have served your Alma Mater as Professor and as Director of the Center for Chinese Studies, Berkeley, where you also wrote the first and still the most important work on the economic development of the People's Republic of China. Unde r your guidance, the Chinese University of Hon g Kong is evolving into a unique center for the study of contemporary China; an institution of higher learning dedicated to enriching Chinese civilizatio n everywhere. It is a glowing tribute to your vision and inspired leadership. Your participation i n international conferences, no less than your scholarly writings, have deepened our understandin g of economic, political, social, and agrarian issues in China and the Far East. For these achievements, your Alma Mater is pleased and proud to honor you today.” THE NEUTRON GENERATOR I NSTALLED AT THE UNIVERSITY SCIENCE CENTRE Upon the request of the University, a 14-MeV neutron generator has been provided by the International Atomic Energ y Agency under its Regular Programme of Technica l Assistance 1972. The neutron generator was installed in December 1973 at the Universit y Science Centre. The neutron, which has a mass but no charge, is radioactive with a decay time of about 12 minutes and possesses a magnetic moment. These properties both contribute to the study of the