Bulletin Vol. 11 No. 1 Aug–Sep1974

cooperation across national boundaries. Several models for such cooperation were considered and discussion concluded with a recommendation that new procedures and mechanisms for cooperation be designed around specific problems facing societies. EXH I B I T I ON OF L I TERAT I PA INT INGS FROM JAPAN An exhibition of Japanese Literati Paintings was mounted at the A rt Gallery of the Institute of Chinese Studies from 8th August to 6th October, 1974. The paintings, on loan from several collectors in Japan, represent some 32 painters including Nakayama Koyo, Yanagiswa Kien, Ikeno Taiga, Noro Kaiseki, Uragami Gyokudo, Okada Beisanjin, Tani Buncho, Watanabe Kazan, Nakabayashi Chikudo, Yamamoto Baiitsu, Tomioka Tessai etc. and Chinese painters resident in Japan. To illustrate the influence of Chinese painting style on Japanese Literati painting, Chinese paintings by Ming and Ch'ing literati and Chinese woodblock printed painting manuals of the same period are also displayed. These Chinese paintings, on loan from local private collections, feature works by Shen Chou, Wen Cheng-ming, T’ang Yin, Lan Ying, Hsiao Y ü n-tsung, Ch'en Tao-fu , Tung Ch'i-ch'iang, Wang Hui, Wang Y ü an-ch'i and Y ü n Shou-ping. The interflow of Chinese and Japanese cultures have had a long history, and Literati painting is an outstanding instance of cultural cross-fertilization. The introduction of Chinese Literati Paintings to Japan in the 18th Century led to the emergence of Japanese Literati Painting, which became a representative school of painting of the Edo period (1615-1867). In accepting and adapting the form and spirit of Chinese Literati Painting the Japanese artists created their own distinctive idioms. This exhibition brings together for the first time works of Chinese and Japanese painters. (Picture in Chinese Section) EXTERNAL EXAMINERS The following is a list of External Examiners for the 1974 Degree Examinations: Undergraduate Examinations Faculty of Arts Chinese Language Prof. Tai Ching-nung & Literature National Taiwan University Taiwan English Language Prof. Alan Green & Literature Universit y of Hong Kong Hong Kong Fine Arts Mr. T.K. Cheng University of Cambridge U.K. French Miss Catherine Weill Alliance Franchise Hong Kong German Prof. Dr. D. Jons Universit ä t Mannhei m Federal Republic of Germany History Prof. Chung-hung Liu National Taiwan University Taiwan Japanese Prof. Noboru Yamamoto Keio University Japan Music Western Music Prof. Ivor Keys University of Birmingham U.K. Chinese Music Prof. Rulan Chao Plan Harvard University U.S.A. Philosophy Prof. Thome H. Fang National Taiwan University Taiwan Religious Dr . C.F. Hsiao Knowledge and Tainan Theological College Theology Taiwan Translation Miss Tai-yi Lin Reader's Digest (Chinese Edition) Hong Kong Faculty of Commerce and Social Science Business Prof. An-min Chung Administration Drexel University U.S.A. Economics Prof. Alpha C. Chiang University of Connecticut U.S.A. Geography Prof. Sen-dou Chang University of Hawaii U.S.A. Government & Prof. Teh-yao Wu Public University of Singapore Administration Singapore Journalism Prof. Hsien-tse Chen Nanyang University Singapore - 2 -