Bulletin Spring 1975

Contents Working Party on Educational Policy and University Structure 2 The Future of Chinese Musicology 3 As Seen by Prof. Rulan Chao Pian 3 Archives of Chinese Music . .5 The Story of an Organ 6 Recent Developments in International Studies 9 l UG Visitors 10 Members of the University Bulletin Editorial Board: Mr. Stephen C. SOONG (Chairman) Mr. Hsing-hou FANG Mr. Stephen T . Y. TIONG Mrs. Katherine P. WONG Miss CHAN Yin-ling (Secretary) Bulletin Staff: Mr. Stephen C. SOONG (Editor) Miss CHAN Yin-ling (Assistant Editor) The University Bulletin of The Chinese University of Hong Kong is published by the University Bulletin Editorial Board. It is distributed free among the University faculty, staff and friends of the University. Address: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong. I