Bulletin Spring‧Summer 1980

Recent Publications of the University The Chinese University Press published the following titles in the academic year 1979-1980. Titles in Chinese Ch'en Tu-hsiu before the New Cultural Movement (1879-1915) By Chan Man-hung Ch'en Tu-hsiu (1879-1942), a well-known figure in contemporary Chinese history, was a leader in the New Culture Movement and the early Communist Movement in China. This book traces the development of his political thought by giving an account of his political activities and ideology prior to his founding of the magazine, La Jeunesse in 1915. Chinese National Character and Culture in Historical Perspective By Ch'ien M u This is the inaugural lecture of 'Ch'ien M u Lectures in History and Culture', consisting a series of six lectures: (1) Introduction, (2) The Character of Chinese, (3) The Behaviour of Chinese, (4) An Outline of the Thoughts of Chinese, (5) The Cultural Structure of Chinese, and (6) Conclusion. The Early History of Peking-Hankow Railway By Ho Hon-wai This book gives an account of how the Peking- Hankow Railway was constructed, detailing the instances leading to its construction, its financing, the recovery of railway rights and other obstacles encountered during construction. Significance of the Peking-Hankow Railway to China's economy is also analysed. A Short History of M o d e r n China By Kuo Ting-yee After a brief review of China's history since its early contacts with the outside world in the 3rd century B.C., the author proceeds to give a detailed account of the historical events of the last century. China's experience during the period is chronicled in this book: her reaction to external pressure, the internal strife, the Self-Strengthening Movement, the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, the invasion by foreign powers, the Constitutional Reform and Modernization, the xenophobia, the toppling of the Ching Empire, the Revolution of 1911, the dictatorship of Yüan Shih-K'ai, the fightings among the warlords, the second revolution, the civil wars, the promotion of national peace and resistence against foreign aggression, the War of Resistance Against Japan (1937-1945) and the change of regime in mainland China. This comprehensive work is divided into 19 chapters and consists some 600,000 characters. Works by Kwangtung Authors This series is a collection of works of over 700 Kwangtung authors down the centuries, which are of lasting value. The collection, containing approximately 3 million characters, in 240 volumes, represents the essence of Southern Chinese culture in the past two thousand years. The editor, W u Yu-ch'en, had laboured over two decades to complete the compilation. This series, collated and edited by an Editorial Committee, has the following characteristics: (1) The works are arranged chronologically according to the dynasties and their authors; (2) The original "Study on Authors" is included for easy reference, and a short biography of each author is placed before his works; (3) All the articles are paragraphed and punctuate to facilitate reading; (4) The Works are compiled into a set of six volumes with an index. Hsin Hsiang, Taiwan: A Chinese Village in Change By Bernard Gallin Translated by Shiu-tong So This is a study of a village in transition in Tai- 2 6