Bulletin Spring‧Summer 1980

Art Gallery Exhibitions Three exhibitions were held at the Art Gallery of the Institute of Chinese Studies in the first half of 1980. The Exhibition on Recent Acquisitions, mounted in January-March, displayed paintings, calligraphy, ceramics, bronzes, seals and rubbings recently acquired by the Art Gallery. The highlight of the Exhibition is an album of paintings and poems, which was presented as a souvenior to a magistrate Zheng Xiang by the local gentry and literati of the Dongguan District, Guangdong. The album dated 1667 A.D. (Sixth year of the Kangxi reign, early Qing) was painted on "gold speckled" paper of the Ming and have been in the hands of notable collectors. Other exhibits include a set of late Qing miniature steles carved with archaic scripts in the style of the Qin and Han periods and a group of nine scrolls of paintings by contemporary Chinese painters. The former, a gift of Mr. Wang Shing Tsang, is a valuable addition to the Art Gallery collection of ancient inscriptions, while the latter, presented to the University by the B. Y. Lam Foundation, demonstrate admirably the current trend of landscape painting in China. The Exhibition on Rubbings of Chinese Inscriptions, held from 8th April to 18th May, featured rubbings of ancient steles, bronzes, relief carvings, buddhist cave inscriptions and tomb tablets. Exhibits were mainly drawn from the Art Gallery's own collection, which was built up as a result of repeated gifts by Bei Shan Tang and various donors, and is especially rich in inscriptions from the Guangdong Province. At the Graduation Exhibition, 1980, held from 23rd May to 4th June, works by the eighteen graduates of the Fine Arts Department of the University were on display. Wen Dou (early Qing) Landscape, (dated 1675) Ink on paper, hanging scroll 57X 28 cm. University purchase 3 1