Bulletin Number Two 1982

Chinese University Bul let in Number Two 1982 The Chinese University Bulletin, an official publication of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, is published and distributed free to members and friends of the University. Contents News Council Appointments 1 New Chairman of the Appointments Board 3 Consultation on Provisional Acceptance 4 News in Brief 4 Recent Developments The New Department of Psychology 8 An Interview with Dr. Fanny M. C. Cheung 8 Professor of Psychology, Dr. I. M. Liu 12 New Centre for Physical Education 13 Room for the Other Half — Non-residential Halls at United 14 A Small Giant - the Wang VS-8S 15 UIMS at Your Service 16 New Chairman for the SCOID 18 Student Enrolment 19 Academic/Cultural Events Research Project on Physical Activities and Quality of Life in Densely Populated Areas 20 Seminars • Concerts • Exhibitions 22 Recent Publications of the University 24 Personalia 27 Profiles 31 Professor Cheng Te-K'un Professor Jao Tsung-i Professor Godwin Chu Professor David Davies Professor Arthur Li Dr. Y. W. Lam Dr. K. P. Fung Mr. William H. C. Wan Gifts & Donations. 36 Cover: The newly completed University Sports Centre (Photo by Hung Siu Ying & Bruce Chan Kwok Keung) Back Cover: Members of staff competing for the 1982 Vice-Chancellor's Cup Advisory Committee on Chinese University Bulletin Professor Francis C. Johnson Mr. So Man Jock Dr. F. C. Chen Editor: Miss Chan Yin-ling Address: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong