Bulletin Number Two 1983

Chinese University Bul letin Number Two 1983 The Chinese University Bulletin, an official publication of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, is published and distributed free to members and friends of the University. Contents News Conference on Modernization and Chinese Culture 1 A Stimulating Experience — A Participant's Account of the Conference . . . . 2 News in Brief 4 Recent Developments Profile of University Staff 7 Survey on 1982 Freshmen 8 Academic ICultural Events Ten Years of Progress — University Library System 9 An Interview with the University librarian — Dr. L.B. Kan 11 An Interview with Professor Zhu Guang-qian 15 University Development in the Commonwealth — Issues and Trends 18 Seminars • Concerts • Exhibitions 22 Recent Publications of the University 25 Personalia 27 Profiles Dr. Nicolai Siemens 28 Mr. Tsim Tak Lung 28 Dr. Huang Ching-hsuan 29 Dr. Gloria Yuk-nam Dunn 29 Cover: The University Library (photo by Michael Leung) Advisory Committee on Chinese University Bulletin Professor Francis C. Johnson Mr. So Man Jock Dr. F.C. Chen Editor: Mrs. Y.L.C. Foo Address: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong