Bulletin Number One 1985

Chinese University Bul letin Number One 1985 The Chinese University Bulletin is an official publication of The Chinese University of Hong Kong published, five issues a year, by the Secretariat for free distribution to members and friends of the University. Contents News Twenty-Eighth Congregation 1 I nternational Conference on Sung China 5 Symposium on 'The Development of New Fertility Regulating Agents from Plants' 6 Report of the Special Panel on Curriculum Review 7 Donation from the Shaw Foundation 8 News in Brief 8 Recent Developments Paintings by Yangzhou Artists of the Qing Dynasty fro m the Palace Museum . . . 10 The First Four Years - Sir Run Run Shaw Hall 20 Statistical Consulting Services Unit Established 23 Donations to the Alumni Education Foundation 24 Academic / Cultural Events Seminars . Exhibition 25 Profiles 28 Personalia 29 Gifts and Donations 31 Cover: Luo Pin , Mountain Pass in Sichuan Advisory Committee o n Chinese University Bulletin Dr. F.C. Chen Dr. P.W. Liu Mr. So Man Jock Professor S.W. Tam Editor: Mrs. Y.L.C. Foo Assistant Editors: Mr. Chung Ki Yuen Mrs. K. Lee Wan Address: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong