Bulletin Winter 1999

Ms. Maria G.W.L. Young Executive Officer II, Information and General Affairs Section, Secretariat Mr. Douglas W.K. Fung Assistant Editor, Chinese University Press Research Staff Mr. Henry N.K. Bao Research Associate, Department of Electronic Engineering Dr. Rana M. Shinde Research Associate, Clinical Immunology Unit, Faculty of Medicine Dr. Gerald C.W. Chan Honorary Research Associate, Centre for Contemporary Asian Studies I I I , Promotions Academic Staff Professor Kong Yun-cheung Professor of Biochemistry Dr. Klaus Baumann Reader in Physiology Dr. Chan Kai-ming Reader in Orthopaedics and Traumatology Dr. Cheng Shiu-ching Reader in Education Dr. Siu Ping-kee Reader in Education Ju Lian, Hydrangea with butterflies, album leaf, dated 1894 (Exhibition of paintings by Ju Chao andJu Lian) 24