Bulletin Autumn‧Winter 1993

Forty-sevent h Congregatio n fortheConfermentof First and Higher Degrees More than 2,000 graduates of the University were awarded first and higher degrees at the University's 47th congregation held at the University Mal l on 9th December 1993. They include d one Doctor of Medicine, 23 Doctors of Philosophy, 140 Masters of Philosophy, 29 Masters of Arts, two Masters of Divinity, 87 Masters of Business Administration, 25 Masters of Arts (Education), six Masters of Science, 325 Bachelors of Arts, 357 Bachelors of Business Admi n i s t r a t i on, 67 Bachelor s o f Education, 128 Bachelors of Engineering, eight Bachelors o f Medical Sciences, 114 Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors o f Surgery, 46 Bachelors of Nursing, 321 Bachelors of Science, and 404 Bachelors of Social Science. Sir Yuet- keung Kan, pro-chancellor o f the University, officiated at the degree granting ceremony. In an address made on the same occasion, Prof. Charles K. Kao, the vice-chancellor, gave a brief account of the new research centres se t up on the campus and new academic programmes introduced by the University in response to new social needs. He reiterated the University's determination to assume a greater role in the local community in the run-up to and beyond 1997, and emphasized the importanc e o f establishing linkages with centres of excellence worldwide. He was fully convinced that the University Convocation, first set up in September 1993 and representing the University's 37,000 odd alumni, would play an importan t role in the University's future development. 47th Congregation 30