Bulletin Autumn‧Winter 1993

News in Brief Council News Life member of the University Council • Dr. Clark Kerr has been appointed a Life Member of the University Council from 1st June 1993. Dr. Kerr, President Emeritus of the University of California, is a distinguished economist and educator esteemed for his outstanding work in higher education for close to five decades. His long association with the University dates back to 1964 when he was appointed overseas member of the University Council. Over the years, he has given the University and the constituent colleges his unceasing support and wise counsel. In recognition of his distinguished and dedicated service, the University Council has appointed Dr. Kerr as a Life Member to ensure that the University will continue to benefit from his support and advice. New Council Members • Mr. George H. C. Hung has been elected by the Board of Trustees of Chung Chi College to serve as a member of the University Council for a period of three years from 18th October 1993, succeeding Dr. James Z. M. Kung. • The Hon. Tik Chi-yuen, Dr. the Hon. Conrad Lam Kui-shing, and the Rev. the Hon. Fung Chi-wood have been elected by non-official members of the Legislative Council as members of the University Council, each for a term of three years, Mr. Tik from 1st July 1993, and Dr. Lam and the Rev. Fung Chi-wood from 18th October 1993. University Convocation Established The Convocation representing th e University's 37,000 odd alumni was formally established in September 1993. The first meeting of the Convocation was held at Hotel Furama Kempinski, Hong Kong, o n 9th September, and was attended by some 300 alumni. More than 1,200 alumni had registered t o vote in person or by proxy, and the chairman and members of the first standing committee of the Convocation were duly elected as follows: Chairman Mr. Lee Kam Chung (new Asia 1964) Elected Members Mr. Heung Shu Fai (New Asia 1971) Mr. Ip Hon Chow (New Asia 1972) Mr. Lau Sai Yung (Chung Chi 1971) Mr. Lee Kim Hung (United 1981) Mr. Wang C. C. Charles (Chung Chi 1960) Ms. Yan Hau Yee, Lina (United 1969) Members nominated by the Federation of Alumni Associations of CUHK Mr. Wong Yiu Kay, James (Chung Chi 1980) Mr. Li Kai Ming (New Asia 1966) Mr. Ho Man Sum (United 1957) Mr. Kwok Tsun Kee (School of Education 1979) Mr. Frederick Y. H. Yeh (Graduate School 1971) New University Librarian Dr. Michael Min-song Lee, the new University Librarian, assumed duties on 1st Jul y 1993. Born in 1936 in Guangzhou, Dr. Lee received his secondary and university education in Taiwan. After graduating from National Taiwan University with a BA in Western languages and literature, h e furthered his studies in the United States, obtaining from Western Michigan University his master degree in library science in 1965, and from Loyola University of Chicago his Ph.D. degree in education in 1979. News in Brief 34