Bulletin Spring‧Summer, 2008

The Unique Collegiate Experience of CUHK U niversities today are expanding in size to meet the changing requirements of higher education. However increases in campus population sometimes occur at the expense of teacher-student interaction and the development of close relationships among peers. Thanks to its college system, a feature unique among local universities, CUHK is able to provide its students and teachers with a congenial environment, where they can maintain intimate and frequent contact and foster their sense of belonging. If I had to choose between a so-called University, which dispensed with residence and tutorial superintendence, and gave its degrees to any person who passed an examination in a wide range of subjects, and a University which had no professors or examinations at all, but merely brought a number of young men together for three or four years … I have no hesitation in giving the preference to that University which did nothing, over that which exacted of its members an acquaintance with every science under the sun. John Henry Cardinal Newman From Freshman to Renaissance Man 16   Chinese University Bulletin Spring • Summer 2008