Bulletin Spring‧Summer, 2008

54   Chinese University Bulletin Spring • Summer 2008 Activities and Events Celebrating 10-year Partnership with Local Schools T his year marks the tenth anniversary of the Centre for Universit y and School Partnership. In June, the centre held the kick- off ceremony cum sharing session on school- based experience. Over 200 participants from the education sector were in attendance. Six secondary and primary schools introduced the positive results they have received in terms of school culture, teaching professionalism and development of students' potential while a dozen schools shared their experiences in improving class teaching, collaborating with the University and forming learning communities. CRATE Set up to Promote Technology Education T he Faculty of Engineering held an inauguration ceremony on 26 January for the Centre for Robotics and Technology Education (CRATE). The aim of the centre is to promote technology education among primary and secondary schools. Prof. Liu Yunhui, director of CRATE, talked about some of the exciting new projects and activities of the centre during the ceremony, including the Internet Robotics Innovation Park (IRIP). 'Not every single secondary and primary school is equipped with a laboratory to support students in realizing their robotic designs. IRIP is designed to give students an online platform to share and improve their robotic projects. Successful designs will also be implemented in our laboratories,' he said.