Bulletin No. 2, 2020

2   Chinese University Bulletin No. 2, 2010 I n reviewing F. González-Crussi’s Carrying the Heart: Exploring the Worlds Within Us , Jerome Groopman notes that ‘for centuries the stomach was considered the most noble of organs, directing all important physiological functions. The ancients, González-Crussi tells us, called the stomach “the king of viscera”…Our gastric elements were seen as having a leading part in joy and adversity, and were the seat of the soul— predating the belief that the spirit was housed in the heart or the brain.’ * Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung, Mok Hing Yiu Professor of Medicine of CUHK, is a world-renowned gastroenterologist. He first put himself on the map of cutting-edge medical research with his pioneering use of antibiotics to treat peptic ulcers and endoscopic techniques to treat ulcer bleeding. This physician- scholar, who cares about students’ heart and soul as much as patients’ physiology, has taken the helm of the Chinese University and will lead it through future days of joy and challenges. In this inauguration edition, we will look at how the new Vice-Chancellor feels viscerally about university education and what a day in the driver’s seat is like. * ‘Diagnosis: What Doctors Are Missing’, New York Review of Books , Vol. LVI, No. 17, November 5–18, 2009, p. 27. Professor Joseph J.Y. S Assumes Vice-Chancell