Bulletin No. 2, 2020

9th Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony   35  Dr. Tam Wah-ching   —Philanthropic Entrepreneur D r. Tam Wah-ching is dedicated to serving the community and making contributions to the mainland and Hong Kong, particularly in the promotion of culture and education. He established the Wah Ching China Education Research Centre for the study of education development in rural China. He has also supported various local tertiary institutions in their promotion of Chinese culture. Dr. Tam set up the Dr. Tam Wah Ching Non-Local Study Awards for students of United College in 2004, and has made distinguished contributions to the development and research activities of the CUHK Institute of Chinese Medicine. Prof. Wu Weishan   —Talented Sculptor A recipient of prestigious international accolades including the Pangolin Award of the Society of Portrait Sculptors in the UK, Prof. Wu Weishan is president of China Sculpture Academy and director of Institute of Ar ts of the Chinese National Academy of Arts. He has created over 500 sculptures of historical and cultural world figures such as Qi Baishi, Fei Xiaotong and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and has sculpted the likeness of many important Chinese University figures. For the citations of the six honorary fellows, please go to: www.cuhk.edu.hk/cpr/pressrelease/100517citation_e.pdf