Bulletin No. 2, 2020

4   Chinese University Bulletin No. 2, 2010 J u l y 1 i s a na t i ona l ho l i da y i n Hong Kong t ha t commemorates the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region after the return of sovereignty to China. It is fitting then that Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung assumed office as Vice-Chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong on the same month and day in 2010, symbolizing the passing of the torch and the continuation of a strong legacy and tradition. Yet, unlike the festivities and fireworks that accompany Hong Kong’s Establishment Day, Professor Sung was at home busily preparing for his first official working day on July 2. He was determined his first day would not be spent sitting in the Vice- Chancellor’s office shifting paperwork and reading reports, but be amongst the CUHK stakeholders, including College heads, Faculty deans, staff and students, to find out about their visions, goals and aspirations for CUHK, and to share his own blueprint and strategy for the development of the University. It was an approach that set the tone for his vice-chancellorship and demonstrated to the University community his proactive approach to reaching understanding and consensus on various issues. He realizes that stakeholders in CUHK sometimes have conflicting goals and interests, and he once compared himself to a ‘wishing tree’ whose branches are laden with slips of paper with people’s wishes written on them. Yet, it is his passionate belief that only through communication and open dialogue can one engender trust, and it is only through trust that consensus and mutual understanding can be reached. From Doctor-Scholar to Leader-Communicat