Bulletin No. 2, 2020

54   Chinese University Bulletin No. 2, 2010 Activities and Events Exhibition in Appreciation of the Beauty of Trees T he Science and Art of Trees of CUHK Exhibition and Green Education Fortnight was held at Sir Run Run Shaw Hall from 5 to 15 October 2010. The exhibition showed beautiful photos of trees at CUHK from the perspectives of science and art, and also the first-ever 3D interactive map with comprehensive information on campus trees. A series of green activities were organized during the fortnight, including tree talks and guided tree walks for CUHK and secondary school students, and tree care workshops. The event was part of a three-year CU Tree Project supported by Hang Seng Bank and initiated by Dr. Hu Shiu-ying (seated), eminent scholar in plant taxonomy and Honorary Professor of Chinese Medicine, and her student Mr. George Jor (1st right). Since July 2008, the project has developed various interactive tree resources such as campus tree maps, a tree database and a catalogue system, and designed the CU Tree Trail. SCS Celebrates 45th Anniversary T he School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCS) held its 45th anniversary celebration opening ceremony on 1 May 2010 at Cityplaza. A series of celebration activities were launched. The school’s programmes cover a wide range of disciplines, including management, administration, information technology, design, arts, music, philosophy, culture, and religion.