Bulletin No. 2, 2020

56   Chinese University Bulletin No. 2, 2010 Intellectual Cross-currents Bowen Lectures T he University held seven Bowen Lectures in two series from March to June 2010 at Hong Kong Central Library. In the first lecture ‘Dimension of Imagination and Creativity’ by Prof. Bei Dao (Zhao Zhenkai), Professor of Humanities, who urged writers and intellectuals to make up for the inadequacy of formal education in enlivening imagination and creativity and to make poetry and literature a part of the psychological life of Hong Kongers. Prof. T.J. Wong, Dean of Business Administration, spoke on ‘Good Governance: Hong Kong’s Role in Establishing China’s Financial Market’. He discussed the value of the Hong Kong market to the Chinese firms listed in the city. Prof. Poo Mu-chou, Professor of History, discussed in his lecture ‘Where Has All the Glory Gone? A Search for Ancient Egyptian Civilization’ different aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization. In the lecture ‘Optical Fiber Communication: Experiencing Green Technology’, Prof. Chester Shu in the Department of Electronic Engineering illustrated optical fiber communication from a general scientific perspective and commented on the development of this green technology. In the lecture ‘The Media Ecology in Hong Kong: Profit-making versus Responsibility’, Prof Paul S.N. Lee, Dean of Social Science, analysed that if owners put profit above all and ignore the social role of media, journalists cannot do much to run healthy and responsible media. In his lecture ‘Surgical Safety: The Number One Issue in Surgery Today’, Prof. Paul B.S. Lai, chairman of the Department of Surgery, illustrated and explained what the medical profession could deliver in terms of processes of surgery and system design, to achieve high quality and low risk operations. ‘The Myth of the Human Genome’ by Prof. Kwan Hoi-shan, Department of Biology, was the last lecture of the series. Prof. Bei Dao Prof Paul S.N. Lee Prof. Paul B.S. Lai Prof. Kwan Hoi-shan Prof. T.J. Wong Prof. Poo Mu-chou Prof. Chester Shu