Bulletin Offprints(II) Printed with No. 2, 2013

T H E C H I N E S E U N I V E R S I T Y O F H O N G K O N G T H E U N I V E R S I T Y BULLETIN CONTENTS Offprints (2) Printed with No. 2, 2013 issue Page Comings and Goings 1 Laotian Special Students 2 First Extra-Mural Course 2 Gift from Japan 2 Financial Aids to Students 3 The Long and Arduous Road 3 The New Pro-Vice-Chancellor 5 University Deans of Faculties 6 On the Air 7 Christmas Party 7 Graduate School to Commence in Autumn 7 Government Recognition of University Honours Degrees 8 New Official Address for the University 8 Advisor for Campus Planning 8 Vice-Chancellor's Reception to New Students 9 University Station 10 University Health Centre 10 The Computer Centre 10 Amplified Telephone System for Inter- collegiate Teaching 10 New Courses in Electronics 11 Institute of Chinese Studies established 11 Ground-Breaking Ceremony of The University Site 12 The CUHK Publications Office 12 Long Water Pipe Being Installed for CUHK 12 A Common Calendar for the Colleges 12 Appointments Service for Graduates 12 Building Development 13 Removal of Central Office to Shatin Campus 13 Opening Ceremony of Benjamin Franklin Centre 14 Commemorative Stamp for the University 15 Student Enrolment 15 Editor's Note 15 1 C O M I N G S A N D G O I N G S Volumn One ‧ January 1965 ‧ Number Seven Prof. Yang Chen-ning, Nobel Laureate and Professor of Physics at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, arrived in Hong Kong on December 18 for a visit. Dr. Yang was co-recipient of the physics award of 1957 with Dr. Dee Tsung-dao of Columbia Uni- versity. The discoveries of the two young Chinese physicists proved the invalidity of the principle of the conservation of parity, an accepted and universal law Dr. Yang Chen-Ning at City Hall lecture.