Bulletin No. 1, 2014

2   Chinese University Bulletin No. 1, 2014 T he word ‘museum’ originates from the ancient Greek word, ‘ Μουσεῖον ‘ (Muses, the patron divinities in Greek mythology of the arts). It is said the first museum was established around 280 BC in Alexandria by Ptolemy I Soter to keep the artefacts Alexander the Great collected from Europe, Asia and Africa. However this first museum was not open to public. Today a museum is more than an institution that conserves and exhibits. It also takes up the responsibility of research and educating the public. The Chinese University of Hong Kong set up the Art Museum (known as the Art Gallery until 1995) in 1971 to collect, preserve and research on Chinese art, as well as to promote Chinese culture through exhibitions, lectures and publications. After four decades, new museums, galleries and performance venues have flourished in all corners of the campus. New ‘members’ include archives of the University and the Colleges, the Museum of Climate Change, and art galleries. All of them are open to the public for free. 1 University Gallery 2 Chung Chi College Archive 3 New Asia History Gallery 4 Shum Choi Sang United College Archives 5 Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change 6 Art Museum 7 Exhibition Gallery at Ch’ien Mu Library 8 Sir Run Run Shaw Hall 9 Hui Gallery 10 Yueh Chiao Art Gallery Culture—Its Creation, Preservation and Promotion