Bulletin No. 1, 2014

22   Chinese University Bulletin No. 1, 2014 Yueh Chiao Art Gallery Prof. Andrew C.F. Chan, Head, Shaw College ‘The aim of setting up the Yueh Chiao Art Gallery is to promote the appreciation of different art forms. This helps to build up the literature and infuse the artistic ambience of the College. It also strengthens the moral character of Shaw people. The art gallery has been the cultural centre of the College since its founding. In future, it will act as a hub, interacting with other facilities and organizations to develop the spirit of the Five Pillars (i.e., Nurturing Moral Character, Serving the Community, Caring for Motherland, Developing Global Perspective, Protecting the Environment) for the benefit of our students.’ Hui Gallery W ith support from the Hui family, the Hui Gallery was established in 1994 to promote art and culture at New Asia College. In addition to staging various exhibitions, the College encourages University units, staff and students to mount their art works at the gallery. One special feature of the gallery is the movable ceiling tracks for hanging art. New Asia Collection Exhibition was the first exhibition staged by the Hui Gallery in 1994. On display are works by Ting Yin-yung, Cheng Shifa , Chow Su-sing , Liu Kuo-song , and Jao Tsung-I . Over 20 exhibitions are held at the gallery annually, attracting CUHK staff and students, and artists.