Calendar 2000–01

! Tel.: 2609 6839 Fax.: 2603 5022 Promoted and supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the centre was established in 1999 as a joint effort between The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Academy of Military Medical Sciences. It aims to promote basic research and application development in the field of epithelial cell biology in China. The centre encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and international networking with research activities emphasizing exocine physiology, reproductive biology, cancer biology, immunology, and Chinese medicine. Collaborative projects supported by the NSFC, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Research Grants Council are currently being undertaken. There will also be training programmes in collaboration with the World Health Organization. The centre is currently collaborating with more than 10 institutions in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas. $ Tel.: 2632 2804 Fax.: 2636 0008 E-mail: The Gynaecologic Cancer Research Laboratory was set up in 1988 in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Current studies are focused on the role of oncogenes and antioncogenes in the tumourigenesis, diagnosis, and prognosis of gynaecologic malignancies. The laboratory also provides training for MPhil and PhD students. Located on the first floor of Special Block E at the Prince of Wales Hospital, the laboratory’s main facilities include thermal cycler, DNA sequencer, laminar flow hood, carbon dioxide incubator, and a variety of freezers and centrifuging machines. % " ) Tel.: 2693 3708 Fax.: 2694 0004 E-mail: The programme has received funding from the Quality Education Fund to implement the concept of ‘health promoting’ schools. Its part-time professional diploma course in health promotion and health education will be extended to cater for allied health and social services professionals. An MSc degree course is being planned for 2001. A large scale survey of the health status of school children was completed in 1999. Currently there are several intervention studies on school based health education programmes (nutrition and asthma). A Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion has been established under the School of Public Health to carry out research in health education, health promotion, and also training. Two international conferences and several workshops have been