Calendar 2000–01

* and developing social work knowledge with a Chinese perspective. The centre pursues its overall goal through conducting intervention research and empirical research of Chinese social welfare, and forging a university-agency partnership to advance practice knowledge, technology, and data-based practice. Other than carrying out practice-based research or empirical research of Chinese social welfare, the centre disseminates its research findings through publications, training, and other forms of activities deemed appropriate. ) $ + Tel.: 2632 3646 Fax.: 2646 2284 E-mail: The Psychiatric Genetics Research Unit was established in January 1998 in the Department of Psychiatry. The focus of research has been the ethnic differences in genetic factors determining the metabolism of drugs used in psychiatry, as well as in genetic factors contributing to the development of various mental illnesses including schizophrenia and affective disorders. ) Tel.: 2609 6501 Fax.: 2603 5019 E-mail: The Psychological Assessment and Training Centre (PATC) is established by the Department of Psychology in 2000, in collaboration with colleagues of the Faculty of Business Administration. PATC applies culturally relevant knowledge in Psychological assessment and industrial-organizational psychology to personal growth and modern management. Equipped with audio-visual recording and multimedia presentation facilities, PATC is an important research and training resource. It provides users with a comprehensive range of valid assessment tools and training packages for self-enhancement and management practices. PATC is a vital research facility for the behavioural validation of psychological assessment tools. It also serves as a teaching laboratory for students in the industrial- organizational psychology programme to gain hands-on experience in conducting training workshops, performance appraisal, and personnel selection exercises. 5 ) ) # Tel.: 2609 6389 Fax.: 2603 5745 E-mail: The Research Laboratory for Food Protein Production, established under the Department of Biology, aims at using biochemical and biotechnological approaches to improve existing food proteins and to explore new sources of food protein for human and animal consumption. Major research areas include the evaluation of the quality of some underutilized legume seeds and the assessment