Calendar 2000–01

School of Continuing Studies Tel.: 2209 0299/2209 0290 Fax.: 2739 2797 E-mail: Website: The University’s School of Continuing Studies (SCS) was established in 1965 under the former name of the Department of Extramural Studies. It has been providing quality continuing education programmes and services to meet the changing needs of society. In 1999–2000, more than 2,250 courses were offered with a total enrolment of around 27,200. The SCS offers general short courses and award bearing programmes at the postgraduate, degree, diploma, and certificate levels. General short courses normally last for three to four months for each term and are usually self-enrichment programmes with no specific admission requirements except age. They are offered three times a year in spring, summer, and autumn and cover various subjects such as art and culture, business administration, computer and information technology, disciplinary forces and policing/security studies, employment schema course series, health care, languages, performing arts, social sciences, women studies, and distance learning courses. Diploma and certificate programmes have been offered since 1979. These are designed in accordance with guidelines and standards set by the University. To optimize resource use and cost-effectiveness, the SCS collaborates with the academic departments at the University as well as other institutions and professional organizations to organize or administer these professional programmes. Since 1988, the SCS has diversified its services to include the running of bachelor and postgraduate programmes in Hong Kong jointly with overseas universities. These programmes include a Master in Applied Science in Biopharmaceuticals with the University of New South Wales (Australia); a Bachelor Degree Programme of Professional Studies in Policing/Civil Care and Security, a Master Degree Programme and Graduate Diploma Programme in Health Management, a Master Degree Programme as well as a Graduate Diploma U niversity Extensions