Calendar 2000–01

produces audio-visual programmes for other organizations on a contract basis. The Press has good connections with many university presses and academic institutions and societies in Hong Kong and overseas. It has co-published books with other publishers and institutions, such as St. Martins, the SOAS of the University of London, and the university presses of Columbia, Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, and Washington. It has also entered into joint publication arrangements with commercial publishers in the US, the UK, mainland China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Japan, and Sweden. The Chinese University Press is a member of the Association for Asian Studies, the International Association of Scholarly Publishers, and the Society for Scholarly Publishing. It is also an international member of the Association of American University Presses. Information Technology Services Centre The Computer Services Centre and the Information Technology Service Unit were reorganized and renamed the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) (website: ) in July 2000. The ITSC offers a variety of services to support academic development, research, and administration. Its service arm does not stop at technical support and application or project development, but stretches to areas like system recommendation, acquisition, installation and subsequent maintenance. The ITSC provides seven key services to users: • basic computer resources; • programming consultation; • training seminars and user documentation on the use of computer systems and application packages; • microcomputer application support, technology transfer, office automation and research; • workstation support including advice on hardware selection and subsequent installation, user training, on-going consultation and system administration; • evaluation, selection, and installation of network equipment; the monitoring of networking activities between the University and the rest of the world; and • development and maintenance of management information systems for University administration. To provide efficient services, the ITSC has multiplexed its computer facilities, which include • two high performance computing systems for research computing: a 24-CPU SGI Origin 2000 supercomputer and a 10-CPU SUN Enterprise 6500 supercomputer. The former is a server for numerically intensive computing