Calendar 2000–01

/ Facts and Figures (website: is published in the form of pamphlets in spring each year to capture the essence of the University’s latest statistical information. Apart from these publications, the Publication Office also maintains a Database on Staff Community Service and Service to CUHK which, at present, is for internal reference only. The University’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and regulations are compiled by the University Registry and published annually. Information about research activities and staff publications is contained in an annual publication entitled Research Projects and Publications compiled by the University’s Research and Technology Administration Office. Staff Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong The Staff Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSA) is a trade union registered with the government. Its membership is open to all full- time non-teaching staff employed by the University under Terms of Services (A), (B) and (C), irrespective of race, sex, religion and rank. Founded in 1981, the association has the following objectives: • to obtain and maintain just conditions of employment; • to protect the interest of its members; • to strengthen relations with the University authorities on the basis of mutual respect and understanding; • to promote the cultural, social, educational, and recreational well-being of its members. CUSA aims to keep its members informed of the welfare and benefits offered in institutions funded by the University Grants Committee, and negotiate or consult on behalf of its members with the University authorities on all matters of common interest. The executive body which governs the association is its executive committee, whose members are elected biennially by secret ballot during alternate annual general meetings. There are also eight standing sub-committees and other ad hoc sub- committees or working groups that are appointed from time to time to advise the executive committee on matters relating to members’ general benefits. Each year social activities are organized to provide opportunities for members working in different departments and units in the University to acquaint themselves with one another. In June 1999 CUSA joined the Federation of Hong Kong Higher Education Staff Associations as a full member, with two representatives participating as the federation’s council members.