Calendar 2000–01

Faculty of Engineering Tel.: 2609 8337 Fax.: 2603 6002 E-mail: The Automation and Computer-aided Engineering Programme is designed to prepare graduates who are particularly well trained in the use of computer technology and engineering principles for the design, analysis, planning, control, and management of engineering projects. The programme provides basic knowledge in electronics, mechanics, computing, and the know-how to integrate these technologies for solving engineering problems. It provides core courses and training in two streams, namely the Automation Stream and the Computer-aided Engineering Stream. It stresses state-of-art technologies in automation (control, robotics, sensors, digital systems, and signal processing), and up-to-date computer-aided technologies (CAD/CAM, computer-integrated manufacturing, graphics, simulation, and virtual reality) as the core elements in the two streams. The graduates will be able to take up jobs such as system engineers, automation engineers, software engineers, design engineers, and interface designers in industry, government, hospitals, and research institutes. Since they will have received extensive training on computer technology especially on graphics and the modelling of complex processes, they will also excel in the information technology sector. Graduates might also continue their studies in the department for MPhil or PhD degrees specializing in one of the areas. Tel.: 2609 8440 Fax.: 2603 5302 E-mail: The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, the first such department in local tertiary institutions, offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Its computer science programme leads to the BSc degree while its computer engineering programme leads to the BEng degree. The department possesses the most up-to-date equipment for computer science and computer engineering research, and many of its graduates are leaders in industry and commerce both in Hong Kong and overseas.