Calendar 2000–01

& ! " # $ $ CHI 1930 Introduction to Classical Texts CHI 1940 Writing CHI 1951 Research Methods and Thesis Writing CHI 2911 Introduction to Chinese Etymology CHI 2930 Selected Readings in Classical Chinese Poetry and Writing Practice CHI 2951 Selected Topics in the History of Chinese Literature CHI 2971 Introduction to Chinese Phonology CHI 3920 Study of Cantonese and Its Application ' CHI 3730 Chinese Bibliography CHI 3740 Chinese Rhetoric CHI 3750 General Linguistics CHI 3760 Applied Linguistics CHI 3770 Ci in the Tang and the Five Dynasties CHI 3780 Ci in the Song Dynasty CHI 3790 Selected Works of Qu CHI 3800 Selected Prose Works Through All Ages CHI 3810 Classical Chinese Fiction (Short Stories) CHI 3820 Classical Chinese Fiction (Novel) CHI 3830 Lun Yu CHI 3840 Meng Zi CHI 3850 Shi Ji CHI 3860 Han-Shu CHI 3870 Modern Chinese Prose CHI 3880 Modern Chinese Fiction CHI 3890 Modern Chinese Drama CHI 3900 Modern Chinese Poetry CHI 3910 Creative Writing CHI 4411 Meandering in Hong Kong Literature CHI 4511 Reading of Classics in Language and Linguistics: Guangyun CHI 4521 Reading of Classics in Language and Linguistics: Shuowen jiezi CHI 4531 Contemporary Phonology: Theory and Application CHI 4541 Introduction to Hong Kong Literature CHI 4551 Special Topics on Hong Kong Literature CHI 4561 Special Topics in Language Teaching in Hong Kong CHI 4571 Writing in Classical Chinese CHI 4581 Special Topics on Cantonese Study CHI 4591 Tourism Literature CHI 4620 Chinese Semasiology CHI 4630 Chinese Grammar CHI 4640 Chinese Paleography and the Study of Ancient Texts CHI 4650 Dialectology CHI 4660 Selected Topics in Linguistics CHI 4670 Special Topics in Methodology CHI 4680 Shi Jing CHI 4690 Chu Ci