Calendar 2000–01

Faculty of Engineering Code Course Title ERG 1800 Modern Information Technology ERG 1810 Engineering Laboratory I ERG 2011 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Syllabus A) ERG 2012 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Syllabus B) ERG 2013 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Syllabus C) ERG 2014 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Syllabus D) ERG 2015 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Syllabus E) ERG 2020 Digital Systems and Computer Organization ERG 2030 Signals and Systems ERG 2040 Probability Models and Applications ERG 2310 Principles of Communication Systems ERG 2810 Engineering Laboratory II ERG 3810 Product Development Project ERG 3820 Software Engineering Practice ERG 4910/4920 Thesis I/II Code Course Title ACE 1020 Computer-aided Drafting and Design ACE 1030 Basic Electronics ACE 1100 Statics and Dynamics ACE 1880 Engineering Practice ACE 2020 Product Design ACE 2030 Introduction to Control Systems ACE 2050 Engineering Computer Graphics ACE 2060 Manufacturing Technology ACE 2070 Fundamentals of Machine Intelligence ACE 2110 Signal Processing ACE 2800 Laboratory (I) ACE 2810 Laboratory (II) ACE 3010 Modern Control Systems Analysis and Design ACE 3030 Introduction to Robotics ACE 3040 Computer Integrated Manufacturing ACE 3050 Computational and Optimization Methods ACE 3100 Machine Vision and Image Processing ACE 3120 Geometric Modelling ACE 3130 Robot Dynamics and Control ACE 3140 Optimal and Robust Control ACE 3160 Simulation and Interface ACE 3170 Computational Mechanics