Calendar 2000–01

' ! PHA 3610 Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy I PHA 3620 Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacy II PHA 3720 Graduation Project (in one of the following areas) Pharmaceutical Sciences related projects Chemistry of Drug Development Advanced Formulation Studies Pharmacologic and Pharmacokinetic Studies Pharmacognosy/Pharmaceutical Analysis Pharmacy Practice related projects ( Code Course Title ) * NRS 1050/1060 Nursing IA/IB NRS 1200/1210 Clinical Practice IA/IB NRS 1220 Clinical Practice Block I NRS 1300 Behavioural Science I NRS 1310 Behavioural Science II NRS 1400/1410 Anatomy I/II NRS 1600/1610 Physiology I/II NRS 1700 Microbiology NRS 2010/2020 Nursing IIA/IIB NRS 2200/2210 Clinical Practice IIA/IIB NRS 2220 Clinical Practice Block II NRS 2300 Health Psychology NRS 2320 Health Education NRS 2600 Pathophysiology NRS 2610 Pharmacology — Therapeutics NRS 2700 Clinical Microbiology NRS 3010/3020 Nursing IIIA/IIIB NRS 3200/3210 Clinical Practice IIIA/IIIB NRS 3220 Clinical Practice Block III NRS 3300 Mental Health Nursing NRS 3500 Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing NRS 3510 Nursing Information Technology NRS 3560 Professional Nursing Issues NRS 4010/4020 Nursing IVA/IVB NRS 4200/4210 Clinical Practice IVA/IVB NRS 4310 Sociology and Health Care NRS 4400 Nursing Research I NRS 4420 Nursing Research II NRS 4600 Coordinating Nursing Practice