Calendar 2000–01

SOC 2212 Historical Sociology SOC 2313 Japan in a Global Perspective SOC 2323 Hong Kong Society SOC 2333 The Rise of Modern East Asia SOC 2343 Economic Reform and Social Impacts in China SOC 2353 Democracy and Society SOC 2363 Law, Order and Social Life SOC 2373 Sociology and Films SOC 3012 Complex Organization SOC 3022 Sociology of Development SOC 3032 Social Stratification SOC 3042 Sociology and Current Affairs SOC 3062 Social Demography SOC 3232 Marriage and Family SOC 3242 Qualitative Research SOC 3252 Demographic Analysis SOC 3273 Sociology of Crime and Deviance SOC 3322 Survey Methods and Sampling SOC 3343 Sociology of Education SOC 3353 Economic Sociology SOC 3363 Gender and Society SOC 3374 Selected Topics in Sociology I SOC 3375 Selected Topics in Sociology II SOC 3376 Selected Topics in Sociology III SOC 3413 Politics and Society SOC 3423 Social Movement SOC 3433 Social Planning SOC 3443 Sociology of Leisure SOC 3453 Environmental Sociology SOC 3483 Industrial Sociology SOC 3493 Medical Sociology SOC 3596 Intermediate Social Statistics SOC 4464 Directed Studies I SOC 4474 Directed Studies II SOC 4510 Senior Thesis I SOC 4520 Senior Thesis II