Calendar 2000–01

, 3. Christian Studies 4. Religion and Society * % 1. Chinese Religions 2. Biblical Studies 3. Christianity in China 4. Religion and Society 5. Religious Education 1. Chinese Religions 2. Biblical Studies 3. Christian Studies 4. Religion, Education and Society 1. New Testament/Old Testament Bible (a) Biblical Language (Studies done prior to admission are accepted.) (b) Biblical Studies 2. Theology 3. History of Christianity 4. Pastoral Studies 5. Mission/Christian Education/Ethics/Asian Studies + This is a research-oriented programme with no specified fields of specialization. In order to graduate, MPhil students are required to complete a minimum of 18 units of taught courses and write a thesis on a research topic. One of the taught courses will be ‘Advanced Translation Studies’, and the others will be selected from ‘Advanced Business Translation’, ‘Comparative Language Studies’, ‘Computer-aided Translation’, ‘Interpreting’, ‘Journalistic Translation’, ‘Literary Translation’, ‘Readings in Translated Works’, ‘Special Topics’, ‘Translation Criticism’, ‘Translation of Legal Writings’, and ‘Translation of Subtitles and Advertisements’.