Calendar 2000–01

Faculty of Medicine 1. Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Anaesthetic Drugs (General and Regional) 2. Pharmacokinetics of Drugs (Antibiotics and Sedatives) Used in Critical Ill Patients 3. Pharmacokinetics — Pharmacodynamic Modelling of Anaesthetic Drugs 4. Anaesthetic Requirements in Different Population of Patients (Paediatric, Elderly and Obstetric) 5. Drug Assay Technology 6. Electrophysiology of the Nervous System 7. Haemodynamic Changes/Monitoring in Anaesthetized Patients 8. Obstetric Anaesthesia and Analgesia 9. Closed Loop Feedback Control Technology in Anaesthetic Practice 10. Use of Regional Anaesthesia in Acute and Chronic Pain Therapy 11. Trauma Resuscitation Same as those for the PhD programme. 1. Anatomical Pathology 2. Haematology 3. Cellular Pathology 4. Molecular Pathology Topics outside the above fields would also be considered. Same as those for the PhD degree programme. 1. Development and Ageing of the Mammalian Central Nervous System 2. Injury and Regeneration of the Central Nervous System 3. Motor Innervation and Effects of Toxins on Motor Neurons