Calendar 2000–01

3. Bioinformatics 4. Analysis of Restriction Enzyme and DNA Methylases 5. Marine Biotechnology (Application of Fish Hormones and Transgenic Experiment) 6. Molecular Biology of Human Fungal Pathogens 7. Isolation and Characterization of Novel Human cDNAs 8. Novel Applications of Biotechnology (I) Natural Products/Chinese Medicinal Material 1. Antimicrobial Activities of Natural Products 2. Bioactive Natural Products 3. Lipid Lowering Compounds 4. Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Protein Engineering of Ribosome Inactivating Proteins 5. Anti-AIDS Medicinal Herbs 6. Anti-cancer and Anti-viral Chinese Herbs 7. Molecular Authentication of Chinese Medicinal Materials (J) Neurochemistry 1. Molecular Neurobiology 2. Behavioural Biochemistry/Sensory Biochemistry 3. Biochemistry and Physiology of the Pineal Gland 4. Neurochemistry of Neurological and Psychiatric Illnesses 5. Neuropeptides and Peptide Receptors (K) Reproductive Biochemistry 1. Biochemistry of Gossypol, a Male Contraceptive 2. Reproductive Biochemistry and Physiology (L) Signal Transduction 1. Apoptosis in Macrophages 2. Biochemistry of Intracellular Calcium 3. Molecular Biology of Protein Kinases 4. Receptors and Signal Transduction Mechanisms 5. Signal Transduction Mechanisms in Normal and Leukaemia Cells 6. Stress and DNA Damage Related Signal Transduction Mechanisms (M) Toxicology 1. Chemical Carcinogenesis 2. Cytochrome P450 3. Heme Biosynthesis 4. Heavy Metal Intoxication Same as those for the PhD degree programme. ( Jointly offered with the Division of Biology ) 1. Recombinant DNA in Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells 2. Recombinant DNA Technology Bioprocessing