Calendar 2000–01

Faculty of Social Science This is a research-oriented programme in social and cultural anthropology. The programme focuses geographically on Chinese culture and society (especially Hong Kong and South China), and on East and Southeast Asian studies. Research topics include nationalism, ethnicity and identity, language and society, religion, gender, development and social change, food culture, tourism, and urban and youth cultures. Same as those for the PhD degree programme. This is a taught programme in social and cultural anthropology for persons who do not have a background in anthropology. 1. Climate Responsive Architecture and Urban Design 2. Building Science and Environmental Technologies 3. Housing Form and Social Pattern 4. Architectural History and Theory 5. Computer-aided Architectural Design 6. Vernacular Architecture and Approaches 7. Architectural Education and Design Technology 8. High-rise Structure and Construction Issues Same as those for the PhD degree programme. The purposes of the professional programme are to consolidate the student’s knowledge of the art and science of building, to stress the integration of diverse subject areas, and to provide a focus of effort that will increase competence and understanding of architecture in general. The programme recognizes special gifts and tendencies, yet maintains that the design and implementation of a building and the built environment are the primary qualifications of the profession. The