Calendar 2000–01

and Mathematics, only the subject with the higher grade will be counted), and have had at least four years of full-time working experience; or 6. possess a qualification obtained outside Hong Kong which qualifies them for university admission in the country/region where such qualification is obtained; or 7. have completed at least one year of undergraduate study at a recognized university; or 8. be aged 23 or over on 1st September in the year in which admission is sought, provided: a. they are able to show either by publication or by other acceptable evidence that they have achieved sufficient competence in their chosen field of study to justify admission; or have shown exceptional ability in appropriate academic or professional fields; and b. they can produce evidence of continuous residence in Hong Kong for at least three years; and B. sit for an entrance test and obtain satisfactory results therein. ! Applicants may apply for admission and be granted an exemption of a specified number of units if they have achieved an acceptable standard* in Chinese language and English language and meet the special entrance requirements of the programme concerned as prescribed below. A. Admission to the Part-time Degree Programme in Music with exemption of 63 units upon admission Applicants shall 1. a. have obtained a diploma with a major in music at a recognized post-secondary institution; or b. have obtained a diploma in music awarded by a recognized music institution; or c. have obtained a degree at a recognized university; and 2. have had working experience in music; and 3. sit for an entrance test and obtain satisfactory results therein. B. Admission to the Part-time Degree Programme in Primary Education 1. With exemption of 43 units upon admission Applicants shall a. have successfully completed a Part-time In-service Course of Training for Teachers (ICTT) at a recognized College of * Applicants who have obtained grade E or above in Chinese Language & Literature and English Language in the Hong Kong Higher Level Examination or equivalent shall be regarded as fulfilling this language requirement. Those who have not shall be required to take a test in these subjects in the Entrance Test of the Part-time Degree Programmes.