Calendar 2000–01

1.1 The degree of Doctor of Science (DSc) may be awarded for an original and distinguished contribution which adds substantially to knowledge or understanding of any branch of science. A candidate shall produce evidence from published work that he has made such a contribution. 2.1 A candidate for the degree shall be either: (a) a graduate of this university of at least seven years’ standing; or (b) as provided in paragraph 10 of Statute 26 of the University Ordinance, a graduate of another approved university of at least seven years’ standing who has been a full-time member of the academic staff of this university for at least three years. 3.1 Having satisfied the conditions as laid down in Regulation 2, a potential candidate shall apply to the Registry for admission to candidature. Such application may be made at any time during the academic year. 3.2 An applicant shall be required to pay an application fee as prescribed by the University and to present: (a) a statement of his degrees and of other qualifications and research experience, so to establish his eligibility under Regulation 2; (b) three copies of the published papers and/or books which he proposes to present for the degree; (c) a written statement on how far the work embodies the result of his own research and, if necessary, to what extent he has availed himself of the work of others in case of joint authorship or work done in collaboration with others. 3.3 Works for which a degree or other equivalent academic qualifications has/ have been awarded, or works which are under consideration by another institution for the award of a degree or equivalent academic qualification shall not be accepted under 3.2(b). They may, however, be submitted as R egulations for the Degree of Doctor of Science