Calendar 2000–01

will be charged the cost of replacement in addition to the processing cost of HK$100 and any accumulated fines. Damaged books and marked pages should be reported at the Circulation Desk as soon as noticed. Categories 4 and 5 borrowers who fail to return or renew books after 120 days and three recalls will be subject to the above charges, which will be collected by the Bursary upon notification by the library. Bags and briefcases may be brought into the libraries whereas umbrellas should be deposited on entering the libraries. No food or beverages may be taken into the library. On a user's leaving the library, all his books, etc., may be inspected. Infractions, such as smoking, shouting, use of mobile phones, pagers and other disturbances, are forbidden in all parts of the libraries. The librarian or an appointed deputy may expel from the library building for the remainder of the day any person who is acting to annoy others or who is damaging books or other property. Payment must be made to cover all damages. A gross breach of the regulations may subject the borrower to a loss of library privileges. (a) Overdue books — After normal recall procedures, a written warning will be sent. If this is ignored, borrowing privileges will be withheld in all the libraries until the return of the book(s) and the payment of accrued fines. (b) Payment of charges — If a person refuses to pay any outstanding charges (fines, replacement costs of damaged books or repair of damaged property), all the libraries will withhold his borrowing privileges until the account is cleared. (c) In case of materials which have not been charged out properly at the Circulation Counter: 1. The user’s name will be recorded in the library’s register; 2. The user’s borrowing privilege will be suspended for eight weeks from the day of violation; 3. Compensation for the damage of the item if necessary; 4. For the student, a letter to this effect will be issued by the library to the faculty dean, college dean of students, and department chair to which the student belongs, and/or authority concerned. (d) Unreturned library materials 1. The user’s name will be recorded in the library’s register; 2. An invoice will be sent to the user with the warning that his borrowing privilege will be suspended if the books are not returned or the account is not settled. Repeated offenses may lead to a total loss of the privilege of using the libraries.