Calendar 2003–04

EDU 2110 Principles of Curriculum and Instructional Design EDU 3110 School-based Curriculum Development and Implementation EDU 3130 IT in Education: Foundations EDU 4110 Extracurricular Activities EDU 4120 The Integration of IT in Education EDU 2210 Education and Society in Hong Kong EDU 2220 Educational Thought EDU 2230 Introduction to Structure and Process of Schooling EDU 3240 Educational Policy and Practice in Hong Kong EDU 3250 Teachers and School Administration EDU 4210 Teachers and the Teaching Profession EDU 2310 Child and Adolescent Development EDU 3310 Psychology Applied to Learning and Teaching EDU 4310 Assessment of Learning Process and Outcome EDU 4320 Classroom Management and School Discipline EDU 4330 School Guidance and Counselling EDU 4340 Teaching Students with Special Needs EDU 4010 Teaching Practice I EDU 4020 Teaching Practice II ! CHI 1630 Chinese for Faculties of Arts and Education ELT 1107 English Improvement Strategies for Listening and Speaking ! " # $ % ! Required Courses CHI 1910 Syntax for Practical Use CHI 1920 Introduction to Literature CHI 1930 Introduction to Classical Texts CHI 1940 Writing CHI 1951 Research Methods and Thesis Writing