Calendar 2003–04

67 Finance Funding from the Hong Kong SAR government is the main source of income and constitutes almost 66 per cent of the University’s revenue for capital and recurrent expenses. At about 16 per cent of the total, tuition fee income is the next important source of revenue. In addition, the University and its constituent colleges have small endowment funds at their disposal and also receive financial support from private donors for research and other designated purposes. Total income for the year 2002–3 was HK$4.9 billion. Negotiations between the University and the government are conducted by the University Grants Committee. This committee advises the government on the financial requirements of the University. Lands and Buildings The University campus, measuring approximately 134 hectares, is located on a tract of land under lease from the government north of Sha Tin New Town in the New Territories. It commands a scenic view of Tolo Harbour to the north and Tide Cove to the east. The campus varies in elevation from 4.4 to 140 metres above sea level and has been carved from a rocky promontory into a number of plateaux to provide the sites for buildings of the University and its four colleges, as well as blocks of staff residences. In the last three decades, some 130 buildings, large or small, have been erected on this once barren hillside. Buildings for central activities are located mainly at the mid-level. The expanse of land in the valley next to the University Station of the Kowloon- Canton Railway (East Rail) is the campus of Chung Chi College. At the highest level are United College and New Asia College while Shaw College occupies the northwest tip of the University campus. Around the tree-lined University Mall and the University Square featuring a sculpture by Ju Ming and a Roman-style forum and fountain, the following buildings cluster: the UniversityAdministration Building; the University Library; the Tin Ka Ping Building (mainly an extension of the library); the Institute of Chinese Studies and theArt Museum; the Sui-Loong Pao Building (housing offices of the Registry); the Pi Ch’iu Building (housing the Information Technology Services Centre); the Y.C. Liang Hall (a lecture hall complex); the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall (an auditorium and performance hall); the Lady Shaw Building (for the science and engineering departments); the Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building; Academic Building No. 1 (housing the Institute of Mathematical Science); the Science Centre Complex; the Choh-Ming Li Building for Basic Medical Sciences; and the Mong Man Wai Building (also for the science and engineering departments). Other buildings around the central campus include the Benjamin Franklin