Calendar 2003–04

69 Centre and John Fulton Centre (two amenities buildings with a swimming pool for staff and students) to the south; the Li Dak Sum Building, Fung King Hey Building, and Leung Kau Kui Building (housing academic facilities mainly for the arts and business administration departments) to the west; the Health Centre, the International House in Lady Ho Tung Hall (housing the Office of Academic Links), the Yali Guest House, the Chan Kwan-tung Inter-University Hall and the Chiangs Building (a complex of guest house facilities) to the east. By the main entrance on Tai Po Road stands a Transport and Security Depot whilst blocks of staff quarters and postgraduate halls dot the hilly slopes to the north. Descending towards the bay, one finds the Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex (a student hostel for Chung Chi College), the Estates and Maintenance Building, the University Sports Centre, the Kwok Sports Building, the Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall, and on the waterfront, the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology complex and the Simon F.S. Li Building (Simon F.S. Li Marine Science Laboratory). Flanking the road leading to the University Station are the Shanghai Fraternity Association Research Services Centre, the Fong Shu Chuen Building and FongYunWah Hall (housing a Chinese language centre), the Ho Tim Building (housing the Faculty of Education), Esther Lee Building (an academic building complex for various disciplines), Lee Hysan Concert Hall (an auditorium/ performance hall), Chung Chi College Administration Building, the Hui Yeung Shing Building (housing the University Press and several departments of the Faculty of Arts), the Wong Foo Yuan Building, Chen Kou Bun Building, and Sino Building (housing several departments of the Faculty of Social Science and the School of Chinese Medicine). The clinical departments of the Faculty of Medicine are housed in the Clinical Sciences Building and the Postgraduate Education Centre at the Prince of Wales Hospital, the regional hospital of Sha Tin, located about eight kilometres from the main campus. Residential Accommodation The University provides several types of accommodation for staff members, academic visitors, and students. Staff quarters are allocated by the University to appointees who are eligible for staff housing. There are about 270 senior staff flats on campus in multi-storey apartment buildings, some 100 flats for single teachers and other staff, and several blocks of quarters for junior staff. The Inter-University Hall provides fully-furnished and self-contained quarters for academic visitors coming to the University for a period of one to two years.