Calendar 2003–04

82 Par Dr. the Hon. P.C. Woo succeeded Sir Kenneth as the chairman of the college board in May 1972, a position he had to resign from in November 1983 when he was appointed a member of the University Council. He was succeeded by Sir Run Run Shaw as chairman. In December 1988, Dr. Woo was elected a permanent member of the board. Sir Run Run was elected honorary chairman and permanent member of the board in December 1991, and was succeeded by Dr. Ho Tim as chairman. Dr. Ho Tim retired from this position in June 1995 and was also elected permanent member of the board. The current elected chairman is Mr. Shum Choi- sang. An endowment fund was established in 1973 under the direction of the board of trustees. It provides financial support to many projects and schemes organized by the college, benefiting both students and staff members. The fund is managed by a committee currently chaired by Dr. Thomas H.C. Cheung, vice- chairman of the board of trustees and president of the United College Alumni Association. The student union of the college was first inaugurated in 1963 as a statutory body to represent the interests of the students of the college and provide them with various services. With financial support from the University and the endowment fund of the college, a wide range of extracurricular activities and intellectual exchange projects are organized every year. The Si Yuan Amenities Centre was opened in December 2001. The centre is equipped with bar and performance facilities for use by staff, students, and alumni of the college and the University. Construction of the fourth student hostel, Chan Chun Ha Hostel, is in progress and is expected to be completed in 2004. In 2002–3, a total of 2,324 students were assigned to United College, of whom 1,015 were male and 1,309 were female. Shaw College Named after its patron, Shaw College was made possible by the generosity of Sir Run Run Shaw, who donated HK$110 million to the University for the founding of its fourth constituent college. An ordinance which gave legal effect to this new development in the University was passed by the Legislative Council in July 1986, and became law on 1st August of the same year. A Board of Trustees of Shaw College then came into being and helped chart the course of the college’s development in collaboration with a planning committee appointed by the University Council. Chaired by the former vice-chancellor, Prof. Ma Lin, the planning committee was in turn advised by Dr. Lee Quo-wei, Dr. T.K. Ann, Mr. H.J. Shen, and Mr.