Calendar 2007–08

62 Part 2 • Establishment Part 2 S enate Committees Academic Planning Committee Chairman Vice-Chancellor/President (or a Pro-Vice-Chancellor/Vice-President to be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor/President) Members Pro-Vice-Chancellors/Vice-Presidents Heads of the Colleges Deans of the Faculties Dean of the Graduate School Member & Secretary Prof. Billy K.L. So 蘇基朗 ( Registrar ) Committee on General Education Chairman Prof. Kenneth Young 楊綱凱 Members Heads of the Colleges or their representatives Deans of the Faculties or their representatives Director of University General Education Associate Director of University General Education Registrar Prof. Michael K.M. Hui 許敬文 Prof. Leslie N.K. Lo 盧乃桂 Prof. Joyce L.C. Ma 馬麗莊 Secretary Ms. Susanna S.S. Tsuei 崔素珊 ( Assistant Registrar, Office of University General Education )