Calendar 2010–11

50 Part 2 • Establishment Part 2 C ollege Boards of Trustees Chung Chi College Chairman Mr. Kwok Chi-leung, Karl 郭志樑 Vice-Chairman Dr. Deanna Lee Rudgard 利德蓉 Members representing church organizations in Hong Kong Mr. Au Fun Kuen 歐訓權 The Rev. Dr. Chan Hin Cheung 陳衍昌 The Rev. Prof. Lo Lung Kwong 盧龍光 The Rev. Bettsy Ng 吳碧珊 Mr. Ngai Kwok Hung, Peter 魏國鴻 The Rev. So Shing Yit, Eric 蘇成溢 The Rev. Dr. Nicholas Ho-fai Tai 戴浩輝 Dr. Wong Fook Yee 王福義 Mr. Wong Kwok Kong 王國江 Mr. Yau Chung Wan 丘頌云 Representative(s) of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia Mr. Joseph Y.S. Lu 呂元信 Dr. Betty Cernol-McCann Members co-opted by the board Mr. Frank C. Chen 陳晴佑 Dr. George H.C. Hung 熊翰章 Dr. Henry So-ping Kao 高叔平 Mr. Timothy K. Lam 林珏 Dr. Leung Fung Yee, Anita 梁鳳儀