Calendar 2015–16

Part 7 Regulations and Rules 299 R egulations and Rules All students shall observe all regulations and rules prescribed by the University authorities. Access to these regulations and rules can be found in the following links: 8 4 Regulations Governing Admission to Full-time Undergraduate Studies 8 4 Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies (for students admitted to different programmes under different curricula) 4 Regulations Governing Associate Students 4 Regulations on Students of the University 4 Regulations of the University Library System 4 Rules to be Observed by Candidates at Examination Centre 8 4 Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights 8 4 Honesty in Academic Work 8 document.aspx?id=1615&tv=T&lang=en 4 Principles and Guidelines on the Use and Monitoring of the University’s Information and Communication Technologies Facilities and Services 8 4 Protection of Personal Data (Privacy) 8 4 General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies