Calendar 2015–16

50 Part 2 • Establishment Part 2 The Head of each College* Prof. Victor W.K. Chan 陳偉光 Prof. Henry N.C. Wong 黄乃正 Prof. Jimmy C.M. Yu 余濟美 Prof. Andrew C.F. Chan 陳志輝 The Dean of each Faculty and of the Graduate School Prof. Leung Yuen-sang 梁元生 Prof. Chan Kalok 陳家樂 Prof. Leung Seung-ming 梁湘明 Prof. Wong Ching-ping 汪正平 Prof. Christopher Gane Prof. Francis K.L. Chan 陳家亮 Prof. Henry N.C. Wong 黃乃正 Prof. Chiu Chi-yue 趙志裕 Prof. Lutz-Christian Wolff One Fellow of each College elected by the College’s Assembly of Fellows* Prof. Fong Wing-ping 方永平 Prof. Chan Sun-on 陳新安 Prof. Huang Yu 黃聿 Prof. Freedom Y.K. Leung 梁耀堅 Three members elected by the Senate from among the academic members of the Senate Prof. Jack C.Y. Cheng 鄭振耀 Prof. Diana T.F. Lee 李子芬 — Six persons nominated by the Chancellor Dr. Anissa L.K. Wong Chan 陳黄麗娟 Dr. Vincent H.C. Cheng 鄭海泉 Dr. Paul M.L. Kan 簡文樂 Ms. Cecilia S.W. Lee 李秀慧 Dr. Norman N.P. Leung 梁乃鵬 Mr. Dickson D.S. Lo 盧廸生 Three persons elected by the Members of the Legislative Council, other than Official Members, from among their own number The Honourable Cheung Yu-yan 張宇人 The Honourable Fan Kwok-wai 范國威 Dr. the Honourable Elizabeth Quat 葛珮帆 * In relation to the original Colleges and Shaw College