Facts and Figures 2003

收入與支出 Income and Expenditure (2001–2002) 其他收入(包括捐贈) Non-Government Income (including donations) 33.2% 政府資助 Government Subventions 66.8% 總收入:四十六億二千八百萬港元 Total income: HK$4,628 million 教務(教學及研究) Academic (expenditure on teaching and research) 76.2% 其他服務 Other Services 4.1% 總支出:四十三億二千一百萬港元 Total expenditure: HK$4,321 million 行政 Administration 4.0% 基建及設施支出 Capital and Facilities Expenses 15.7% 支出 Expenditure 收入 Income